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Donald Gallo, Ph.D,ABPP

Donald Gallo is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been board certified in clinical psychology since 2003. Since 2000, Doctor Gallo has been working full time at Kaiser Permanente in the San Fernando Valley as one of their autism psychologists. 

Within his role at Kaiser, Doctor Gallo has conducted almost four thousand autism evaluations on individuals of all ages, ranging from young children to the elderly.

Deborah Gallo, Ph.D.

Deborah Gallo is a licensed clinical child psychologist with an expertise in working with and assessing children with both attentional and school problems. She has been the psychologist for Kaiser Permanente's Children's Center for Attentional Problems since 2000.

Our Areas of Expertise

Autism Spectrum Disorders

The autism spectrum is incredibly complicated and something Doctor Donald Gallo has been specializing in since 2000. He is able to conduct comprehensive autism evaluations, which include cognitive, adaptive and overall functioning.

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ADHD and learning difficulties

Doctor Deborah Gallo has expertise in evaluating children and adolescents for both attentional and academic problems.


Child and Family Therapy

Both Donald and Deborah Gallo are clinical child psychologists who can help children, teens and families with a variety of issues, ranging from anger, depression, loss and family conflict.

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